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    Started Spring Semester

    February 18, 2015

    So school just started again. I’ve been on break for about two months because my school runs on a semester system. It’s been a good break. I got a lot accomplished this break compared to any previous ones. After my first day of class, I started to wonder if I could keep up this level of productivity with my business-related stuff.

    School takes up a ton of time. Just attending class takes up most of the day. If I actually want to do well in these classes I pretty much need to match that time studying outside of school. In the past I thought I could get away with just attending class and hoping that I’d remember the material for a test. That absolutely does not work.

    The classes I’m taking now are directly related to what I wanna do in the future. I didn’t have that mindset before, so I essentially just went through the motions of going to school. That has never worked out and just ended up being a waste of time.

    I’m at the point where the things I do need to be related to what I ultimately want, otherwise I’d just be wasting my time. This reality check has given me the motivation to actually learn and do well in these classes. That energy has seeped into other aspects of my life too. I’ve leaned towards geting things done as opposed to just lettings things happen.

    So will I be just as productive, business-wise as I have been recently? Most definitely.