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    How Bugs Can Help

    February 07, 2015

    I’m writing this now because I literally spent the entire day trying to fix one bug that affected the Blast Zone Studios website. After I finally figured out how to fix it, I began to thinking about bugs in general. Yes bugs definitely suck. Bugs can take hours and hours to fix, which can completely take over a work day(as shown today), but I try to look on the bright side of things. I learn a ton from bugs. Moreso then just reading. I usually go into a project thinking I know how a particular framework works. But after I come across a bug, it really gets me to dive completely into it.

    I end up looking over every resource I can possibly image to fix the issue, which opens up the door to other topics within the particular framework. It ends up creating a sort of wikipedia-like affect that gets me clicking on a bunch of links to read. Bugs are inevitable. It’s best to look at the bright side!