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    The Dawn Before SBHacks

    January 29, 2015

    So tomorrow I’ll be going to SBHacks, a hackathon at Santa Barbara. It’s been years since I’ve been to Santa Barbara. I had some of my best memories there when I was younger. Now, years later, I’m going back to make more memories. These dev events I’ve been going to lately have been great! Not only are they fun, but I end up learning a ton at each one I go to. The last few days, I’ve been preparing by getting my feet wet with different dev stacks including Parse and Nodejs.

    The event seems to have a lot of different categories to choose from and I don’t really want to get tied to a particular idea or technology. Looking at these different dev stacks has helped me open my eyes a bit to other types of software dev and the approach to creating them. I’ve done a heavy amount of gamedev these last few years and I want to branch out to see what’s out there. That is why at these hackathons I attend, I look to make something that doesn’t fall in the category of a game.

    Over five hundred people are expected to attend this event, so I’m hoping to meet a lot of interesting people!